Visa Considerations

Visa considerations

Visitors to the UK who wish to participate in any activities in the University must hold an appropriate visa. Visitors with the right to remain in the UK may use their passport for this purpose. Approval of your visitor application by the Department is subject to the visitor obtaining the appropriate visa, a copy of which we are required to send to the University’s Staff Immigration Team. Once a visit is confirmed, the visitor should check all immigration requirements and restrictions well in advance. The visitor should plan ahead, and make sure that they have copies of all the relevant paperwork with them on arrival in the UK, including the formal letter of invitation issued by the Department.


Lisa Crook – Staff Immigration Officer – x89919 (for queries)

It is important to note that you will be asked to provide your passport and visa documents on your first day at the University. Copies of these must be taken and an Arrival Form filled in on your first day due to Right To Work regulations. Without these checks being done you will be asked to leave the premises and return with the relevant documents. The University takes the UK Immigration laws and procedures very seriously.